"Change your thoughts, change your world."

— Norman Vincent Peale

How you can help

Helping is easy. Different people are called to help in different ways but the most important thing in today’s world is that we simply do something to help one another.  Some are called to give while others are called to do the work that funds and support provide.  But it takes every person doing their part to change lives of those less fortunate than we are – those that understand and live in alcoholism, drug addiction, gang life and sexual exploitation. Those that struggle in life with no hope from poverty are the widows, single mothers and orphans.

Though many areas of the world outwardly restricts young people and adults from a life of hope, they continue to ‘dream from within’. Dream Central is changing lives allowing dreams to become true with your help.

Donate $25

  • Supplies to Kenya
  • Equipment in Cuba
  • Shelter in Israel

Donate $100 – $250

  • Materials for students of Forward Housing in Thailand
  • Furnishings for buildings in Belize
  • Help a former inmate begin again in Chattanooga

Donate more than $250

  • Support all of Dream Central missions
  • Build hope for the next generation
  • Restore dreams for broken lives

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