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Turning lives around in Chattanooga

Dream Central Chattanooga, headquarters to Dream Central International.

Chattanooga is all about former inmates. Our local mission is to help former inmates successfully reintegrate into society and break the cycle of recidivism (repeat-offender). According to the National Institute of Justice, about two-thirds the inmate population are re-arrested within the first three years of their release. Once inmates are released, they often return to crisis situations. Without encouragement and support, they frequently are unable to establish healthy patterns for a productive life.

Most everyone has the ability to help change a life and better our community. Below are ways you can become involved in Chattanooga:

See the Needs

  • Create a job
  • Locate proper housing and meet first month’s rent
  • Family support
  • Payment of outstanding debt such as attorney’s fees, court costs, parking violations, credit card debt, back utility charges
  • Help reinstate driver’s license

Meet the Needs Financially

  • Assist in job search by identifying employers who employ former inmates
  • Ensure appropriate clothing for job interviews
  • Assist with basic household items
  • Assist with groceries/food distribution
  • Assist with bus passes and/or gas for work and church
  • Secure deposit for utilities and/or first month’s rent
  • Assist with financial planning services

Meet the Needs Personally

  • Develop personal relationships that provide emotional support through phone calls, texts, and visits
  • Character building through small groups, Bible studies, self-improvement classes and community service projects (when applicable)
  • Provide connections to local church congregations to establish a healthy social outlet and extra-curricular activities

Thank you for caring. Thank you for sharing.


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